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Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Great Dictator

Charles (Charlie) Spencer Chaplin, actor şi regizor englez, s-a născut la Londra, în Marea Britanie la data de 16 aprilie 1889. Este considerat a fi unul dintre cele mai mari staruri de cinema din secolul XX. Cele mai renumite filme ale sale sunt City Lights (Luminile oraşului), Modern Times (Timpuri noi) şi The Great Dictator (Dictatotul). S-a stins din viaţă la 25 decembrie 1977 în localitatea Vevey din Elveţia.
Filme de lung metraj: Tillie's Punctured Romance, The Kid, The Nut, Souls For Sale, A Woman of Paris, The Gold Rush, A Woman of the Sea, The Circus, Show People, City Lights, Modern Times, The Great Dictator, Monsieur Verdoux, Limelight sau Luci Della Ribalta, A King in New York șiA Countess From Hong Kong.
Filme de scurt metraj: A Busy Day, Between Showers, Caught in a Cabaret, Caught in the Rain, Cruel, Cruel Love, Dough and Dynamite, The Face on the Bar Room Floor, The Fatal Mallet, A Film Johnnie, Gentlemen of Nerve, Getting Acquainted, Her Friend the Bandit, His Favorite, Pastime, His Musical Career, His New Profession, His Prehistoric Past, His Trysting Place, Kid Auto Races at Venice, The Knockout, Laughing Gas, Mabel at the Wheel, Mabel's Busy Day, Mabel's Married Life, Mabel's Strange Predicament, Making a Living, The Masquerader, The New Janitor, The Property Man, Recreation, The Rounders, The Star Boarder, Tango Tangles, Those Love Pangs, Twenty Minutes of Love, The Bank, Charlie Chaplin's Burlesque on Carmen, By the Sea, The Champion, His New Job, His Regeneration, In the Park, A Jitney Elopement, A Night Out, A Night in the Show, Shanghaied, The Tramp, A Woman, Work, Behind the Screen, The Count, The Fireman, The Floorwalker, One A.M., The Pawnshop, Police!, The Rink, The Vagabond, The Adventurer, The Cure, Easy Street, The Immigrant, The Bond, Shoulder Arms, A Dog's Life, Triple Trouble, A Day's Pleasure, Sunnyside, The Idle Class, Pay Day și The Pilgrim.

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