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Monday, December 21, 2009

Jersey - 2010 Stamps Issuing Programme

1 - Girl Guide Centenary
Issue Date: 12th January 2010
The first stamp issue released in 2010 will feature stamps to mark the centenary of the Girl Guides.
2 - Europa - Children's Books
Issue Date: 9th February 2010
Jersey Post has chosen to feature aspects from four children's books as their interpretation of PostEurop's 2010 theme. A special printing technique will be used on one stamp in this stamp issue. The Europa logo will be depicted on two stamps within the set.
3 - Maps
Issue Date: 9th February 2010
A new set of Non Value Indicator (NVI) self-adhesive postage stamps for destinations within the UK and other Channel Islands will be issued to replace the Jersey Island View NVI postage stamps which were first issued in July 2006.
4 - Petrology
Issue Date: 9th March 2010
Following on from the Jersey - Mineralogy 2007 stamp issue, five stamps will be issued featuring some of the rock formations found in Jersey.
5 - Birdlife IV - Woodland Birds
Issue Date: 1st April 2010
The fourth set in the new Birdlife series features various woodland birds which are seen in Jersey.
6 - Postal History IV - Mail Ships
Issue Date: 8th May 2010
The fourth set in the Postal History series will feature a selection of the ships which carried the mail to and from Jersey between 1794 and 1948. The Prestige Booklet recounts the history of the transportation of the mail to Jersey from 1794 onwards.
7 - Jersey Postal History V - Regional Definitives
Issue Date: 8th May 2010
Between 18th August 1958 and 30th September 1969, the British Post Office in Jersey issued six regional definitive postage stamps for postal use within Jersey. Courtesy of Royal Mail and the British Postal Museum and Archive, these six stamps are reproduced on a Jersey Post stamp issue in a 'stamp on stamp' effect.
8 - Roses
Issue Date: 8th June 2010
Six stamps and a separate stamp within a Miniature Sheet will be issued featuring a selection of the beautiful roses which are displayed and judged each year at the Jersey Festival Rose Show which takes place at Samares Manor.
9 - Marine Life VIII - Anemones
Issue Date: 6th July 2010
A selection of the very colourful anemones found in the seas surrounding Jersey's shoreline are featured in the eighth set in the very popular Marine Life series.
10 - Vintage Cars IV
Issue Date: 3rd August 2010
The fourth set in the Vintage Cars series features a further selection of the vintage motor cars which are still driven on Jersey's roads. The models range from 1912 to 1949.
11 - Nature - Fresh Water Fish
Issue Date: 7th September 2010
Six stamps and a Miniature Sheet depicting a variety of fresh water fish found in Jersey's reservoirs and streams will be issued as part of the Jersey Nature series. Please click here for more information.
12 - Archaeology - La Cotte de St Brelade
Issue Date: 12th October 2010
A new series of stamps commences with five stamps depicting some of the archaeological discoveries made at La Cotte de St Brelade. This stamp issue celebrates the centenary of the first exploration of this site by the Société Jersiaise.
13 - Christmas Tree Decorations
Issue Date: 2nd November 2010
A variety of Christmas tree decorations will be featured on this new set of Christmas NVI self-adhesive postage stamps for destinations within Jersey and also to the UK and other Channel Islands.
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