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Monday, December 28, 2009

Vatican - 2010 Stamps Issuing Programme

1. Easter of Resurrection
2. Europa 2010 – Books for children
3. The international Journeys of Pope Benedict XVI - year 2009
4. IV Centenary of the death of Caravaggio
5. Bicentenary of the birth of Pope Leone XIII
6. The Year for Priests
7. V Centenary of the death of Sandro Botticelli
8. Bicentenary of the birth of Frédéric Chopin and Robert Schumann
9. Bicentenary of the death of Lev Tolstoj and
150th Anniversary of the birth of Anton Cechov
10. 1500th Anniversary of the foundation of the Shrine Mother of Graces of Mentorella (Rome)
11. VIII Centenary of the Approval of the Franciscan Rule
12. Reopening of the Vatican Apostolic Library
13. IV Centenary of the death of Father Matteo Ricci, S.I.
14. 50th Anniversary of the visit of the Thai Royalty to the Vatican
15. Holy Christmas


Aerogramme: 90th Anniversary of the proclamation of Our Lady of Loreto as "Patron of airplane voyagers"
Postal authority Vatican

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