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Thursday, December 24, 2009

New issues from Romania - Constanța Harbour - 100 years since the inauguration

"Since Romania took Dobrogea through the courage of its soldiers in the Independence War and became the owner of the Black Sea, our thinking has always tried to find ways to facilitate exportation of the country throughout the year.
To open the infinite ways of the seas for Romania, we brought together the two banks of the Danube, between Fetești and Cerna-Vodă, building the famous bridge «King Carol I», and in 1896, the year of our salvation, we laid the foundation of Constanța harbour, whose inauguration we celebrate today. Since then, we gradually took care to ensure the means so as to finish the works for the export of cereal and oil representing 85% of our Country´s export.
We hope that God will give Romania peace and prosperity to finish as soon as possible the entire harbour meant to support the economic growth of Our beloved Country, today, on the twenty-seventh day of September 1909 and in the forty-third year of My Reign, we also inaugurated the first cereal warehouse out of the four that are being built and the installation for the oil export." - King Carol I, Constanța Harbour, 27.09.1909.
This is a part from the speech of the founder of modern Romania, King Carol I, at the inauguration of the largest Romanian harbour - Constanța. Next to the King, there also were Queen Elisabeth, Prince Ferdinand, the heir to the throne and Princess Maria, ministers, Chairmen and Vice-chairmen of the Regulatory Bodies and the clergy representatives.
Inaugurated in 1896, the building and modernization works at Constanța Harbour lasted for almost 13 years. Starting with 1899 the coordination of the works was taken over by the engineer Anghel Saligny who became the general manager and the chief designer of the harbour. Thus, there were executed drainage works, there were erected the breakwater, the entrance and the South dams and the quays, and there were built 6 basins, the oil tanks and silos.
Today Constanța Harbour is the rotating table of the commercial routes making the connection between the markets of the Central and Eastern Europe, that do not have access to the sea, and the Transcaucasian Region, Central Asia and the Far East.
On the occasion of the centenary since the inauguration of Constanța harbour, Romfilatelia introduces into circulation the postage stamps issue "Constanța Harbour - 100 years since the inauguration".
The background image of the block of two stamps represents a philatelic première, being the first satellite image illustrated on such a Romanian philatelic product. (Romfilatelia)

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  1. FINALLY! They released the final stamp of the year and my self-created Romania album pages for 2009 are finished. Does anyone want to see them and critique them? I would appreciate comments.


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