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Thursday, July 24, 2008


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Înscrierile pentru participarea la Expoziţia de la "SOFIA 2009" se primesc până pe data de 1 octombrie 2008 la Comisarul Naţional, Francisc Ambrus. Contacte: 0722.934.317 sau Regulamentul expoziţiei le găsiţi mai jos, iar şi formularul de înscriere le puteţi descărca de aici. Nu uitaţi să ataşaţi pagina descriptivă a exponat-ului.

European Philatelic Exhibition BULGARIA 2009

Special Regulations
1. Venue and date
1.1. The European Philatelic Exhibition BULGARIA 2009 is dedicated to the 130th anniversary since the founding the Bulgarian post and issuing the first Bulgarian post stamps “Centimes” (1879). The exhibition will be held at the halls of the National Palace of Culture in Sofia.
1.2. BULGARIA 2009 will be held from 27th to 31st May 2009.
2. Organization and Patronage
2.1. BULGARIA 2009 is organized by Ministry of Transport, State Agency for Information Technologies and Communications, Bulgarian Posts Plc., Union of the Bulgarian Philatelists and Sofia Municipality with the co-operation of Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Education and Science, National Palace of Culture and State Agency for Youth and Sports.
2.2. BULGARIA 2009 will be held under the patronage of the Federation of European Philatelic Associations (F.E.P.A) and the recognition of the International Federation of Philately (F.I.P}
2.3. The exhibition is held under the honorable patronage of His Excellency the President of the Republic of Bulgaria Mr. Georgi Parvanov.
3. Regulations
3.1. For BULGARIA 2009 the following regulations of International Federation of Philately (F.I.P) shall apply:
a) The F.I.P General Regulations for Exhibitions (GREX)
b) The General Regulations for the Evaluation of Competitive Exhibits at F.I.P. Exhibitions (GREV)
c) The Special Regulations for the Evaluation of Competitive Exhibits at F.I.P. Exhibitions (SREV)
d) The F.E.P.A. Regulations for Exhibitions (FREGEX)
e) The Special Regulations for the Open Class (experimental)
f) The Special Regulations for the One-Frame Class (experimental)
g) The Special Regulations for BULGARIA 2009
3.2. Participation of exhibits in the Open Class and One-Frame Class will be subject the Special Regulations.
4. Classification of the exhibits
A. Non-Competitive Classes:
Class A.1. Court of Honor
Class A.2 Official Class
a) Postal authorities
b) Postal museums
c) Stamp printers
d) Stamp designers and engravers
Class A.3. Other Non-competitive exhibits only by invitation from the Organizing Committee
B. Competitive Classes:
Class B.1. Traditional Philately
I. National Class (Bulgaria)
II. Europe
III. Rest of the World
Class B.2. Revenue
Class B.3. Postal History
I. National Class (Bulgaria)
II. Europe
III. Rest of the world
B.4. Postal Stationery
B.5. Aerophilately
B.6. Astrophilately
B.7. Thematic Philately
B.8. Maximaphily
B.9. Youth
I. Collectors aged 13-15 years
II. Collectors aged 16-18 years
III. Collectors aged 19-21 years
B.10. Open Class
B.11. One-Frame Class
B.12. Philatelic Literature
I. Handbooks and specialized articles published after January 1st 2004
II. Journals and periodicals published after January 1st 2007
III. Catalogues published after January 1st 2007
5. Participants
5.1. Participants may be collectors members of Societies affiliated to F.E.P.A./F.I.P.
5.2. Exhibits in the Competitive Classes must have achieved a minimum of 75 points or awarded with Vermeil medal and for Class Youth a silver-bronze medal at an exhibition of national level within the last ten years. For exhibitors from those countries that do not hold national exhibitions, the exhibits should be accompanied by a written statement from the national Philatelic Federation confirming the quality of the exhibits. These restrictions do not apply to Open Class, One-Frame Class as well as Literature.
5.3. The exhibits from Open Class and One-Frame Class must be accompanied by a declaration of the national Commissioner regarding their quality, if they are not awarded in previous exhibitions.
5.4. Exhibits having participated in previous F.I.P. exhibitions within the past 10 years and having been judged are qualified for participation.
5.5. The Organizing Committee will extend a special personal invitation for participation in the Court of Honor and Non-competitive Classes.
5.6. The exhibitor must be the owner of the exhibit displayed and listed under the exhibitor’s name, or a pseudonym in the official catalogue.
5.7. No more than two exhibits at the exhibition per individual – one exhibit in two different classes shall be allowed. For Literature there are no restrictions.
5.8. Exhibitors may display their exhibit under a pseudonym provided that their name and membership in any appropriate philatelic society is made known to the national Commissioner and the Organizing Committee who are authorized to communicate such information to the International Jury.
5.9 Those decisions regarding the applications of the exhibits and their acceptance are subject to articles 9-19 of the F.I.P. General Regulations for Exhibitions (GREX).
6. Applications and Acceptance
6.1. The entry form is to be accompanied by a photocopy of the introductory sheet of the exhibit and sent to the respective national Commissioner.
6.2. The entry form will be sent by the National Commissioner to the Organizing Committee not later than October 10th 2008.
6.3. Exhibits must be entered under the correct classification. The Jury reserves the right to reassign the incorrect classification. No exhibit can be entered in more than one class.
6.4. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to reject any exhibit without assigning any reason for rejection.
6.5. Every exhibit accepted will be listed in the official exhibition catalogue under its given title as stated in the entry form, together with a short description.
6.6. A list of accepted exhibits will be sent to the National Commissioners not later than December 1st 2008, for having enough time to inform the exhibitors, to collect the entry fees and forward them to the address indicated by the Organizing Committee not later than January 30th 2009.
6.7. The introductory sheet may be changed when sending the exhibit, but no change must be made in the fundamental structure of the exhibit.
7. Participation fees
7.1. The participation fee in the Competitive Classes is 25 euro per frame and 25 euro for every title for the Literature Class. The Youth is free of charge. Participation fees are not refundable.
8. Frame allocation and sizes
8.1. There will be approximately 1000 frames for the Competitive Classes with dimensions 1000x1200mm. One frame holds 16 sheets dimensions DIN A4 (210x29mm).
8.2. The sheets will be mounted in four rows of four. Each sheet must be placed in a transparent protective cover.
8.3. Multiple size sheets may be accommodated but must be noted on the entry forms and coordinated with the organizers.
8.4. Philatelic literature will be displayed in special exhibition cabinets or in halls to be at public disposal.
8.5. The Organizing Committee will decide on the allocation of frames in the Non-competitive Classes.
8.6. For participants in Competitive Classes, the governing criteria for the frames will be the following:
- 8 frames for exhibits awarded a Large Vermeil medal at F.I.P./F.E.P.A. exhibitions;
-5 frames for all other exhibits awarded a lower medal, including first time international appearance.
Group A - 2 to 4 frames
Group B – 3 to 5 frames
Group C – 4 to 5 frames
Open Class – a maximum of 5 and a minimum of 3 frames.
9. Presentation of exhibits
9.1. All exhibits must be mounted on white or light colored sheets.
9.2. Exhibits mounted on dark colored or black sheets will not be accepted.
10. Jury
10.1. The Jury members work in accordance with the F.I.P. General Regulations for Exhibitions (GREX), Section V, articles 31 to 47, both inclusive and the Guidelines for the Jury Duties and Credentials in the F.I.P. Exhibitions.
11. Awards
11.1. Awards will be given in accordance with the F.I.P. General Regulations for Exhibitions (GREX), the General Regulations for the Evaluation of Competitive Exhibits at F.I.P Exhibitions (GREV) and the Special Regulations for the Evaluation of the Competitive Exhibits at F.I.P. Exhibitions (SREV).
11.2. The exhibits of Competitive Classes may be award:
-Large gold medal
-Gold medal
-Large Vermeil medal
-Vermeil medal
-Large Silver medal
- Silver medal
-Silver bronze medal
-Bronze medal
11.3. Awards up to Large Vermeil medal are awarded to the Youth Class. All medals are accompanied by the corresponding diploma. The awards for the Open Class and One-Frame Class are defined by Special Regulations.
11.4. Special prizes and felicitations shall be at the disposal of the Jury.
12. Delivery and Return of the Exhibits
12.1. All exhibits must be sent in envelopes specially provided by the Organizing Committee. Each sheet must be numbered and enclosed in a transparent protective cover closed by three sides. The numbering will be continuous and placed in any of the lower corners.
12.2. Exhibits in the Literature must be provided in advance in duplicate by April 1st 2009. These exhibits will not be returned.
12.3. All expenses in connection with sending exhibits shall be borne by the exhibitor. The exhibits will be returned as per article 51.1 of the GREX.
12.4. Delivering and returning of the exhibits sent via the respective Commissioner shall be carried after agreement with the Organizing Committee. The same with exhibits carried and mounted personally by the exhibitor.
12.5. The exhibits shall be mounted and dismounted by specialists under the supervision of the Organizing Committee. By special arrangement with the Organizing Committee the presence of the Commissioners will be allowed.
13. Insurance and security
13.1. Every exhibitor is advised to insure at his own expense the exhibit presented at BULGARIA 2009. The Organizing Committee undertakes the insurance expenses of the invited exhibits in the Court of Honor.
13.2. The Organizing Committee of BULGARIA 2009 will take the appropriate measures to safeguard the handling and display of exhibits, while they are in their possession.
13.3. The Organizing Committee of BULGARIA 2009 and their employees, whether they are paid or voluntary, will not be liable for any loss or damage to an exhibit from the time of receipt to its return.
14. Customs
14.1. Special instructions concerning Customs regulations for export and import of exhibits coming from abroad from countries outside the European Union shall be sent to the National Commissioners.
14.2. The exhibitors must deliver to the National Commissioners with the exhibit an inventory list, indicating in every sheet the number of stamps or postal items, and their estimated value.
15. The Organizing Committee
15.1. The Organizing Committee of BULGARIA 2009 after consulting with the F.E.P.A. Coordinator reserves the right to change the present Regulations. In such case exhibitors will be informed of any modification at once.
15.2. By signing the final entry form, every exhibitor accepts the Special Regulations of BULGARIA 2009.
15.3. The interpretation and solution of those questions not included in the present Regulations are up to the Organizing Committee of BULGARIA 2009 decision and that decision will be final, and become definitive once it is approved by the F.E.P.A. Coordinator for the exhibition.
15.4. In case of discrepancy or disagreement which could not be solved in a friendly way between the parties, the place of jurisdiction shall be the Sofia City Court.

Contact Addresses:
Organizing Committee
7, Trayanovi vrata Str.
1408 Sofia
P.O. Box 190, 1000
Tel. 00359 2 958 63 74
FEPA Coordinator
Anthony Virvilis
27, Sahtouri Str.
185 36 Pireaus
Tel. 0030 210 4521 971

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