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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Colecţie de pagini web


Aitken, Peter G. - USA: Peter Aitken's Stamp Collecting Page
Antonio, Jose - Spain:
Pagina Filatelica 2000
Ambrozai, Attila - Hungry:
Attila Ambrozai's Personal Homepage
Arkink, Enrico - The Netherlands:
Philately Universe
Arlitt, Thomas - Germany:
Arge Privatpost - Germany:
Deutsche Privatpost 1886-1900
Azhar, Fatin - Malaysia:
Fatin's Malaysia Stamp Album


Bailey, Mike - United Kingdom: Stamps - Postal History
Bakker, Edward R.A. - The Netherlands:
Barret, Christian - France: Philatélie: le 2,20 F Liberté de Gandon
Bartels, Bernd - Germany:
Bernd's Briefmarkenseite
Barton, Roger A. - United Kingdom:
Military/Censored Postal History
Beenen, Ulrich - Germany:
Pumuckl's Aktien - und Briefmarkenseiten
Belaev, Sergey - Russia:
Used topical stamps of the world for exchange
Bendix, Jan - Denmark:
Skilling-on-line Sale
Berkers, Arnie - Netherlands:
Austria Stamps
Bergner, Kurt - Germany:
Die Briefmarkenseiten
Boies, Dominique - Canada:
Bond, James V. - USA:
World At War -The Stamp Album of World War II
Boon, Jan-Netherlands:
Poststukken en Poststempel vereniging
Boucher, Marc - France:
Personal Page
Boulon, Philippe - France:
Brands, Fred - Netherlands:
The world of electronic stamp albums
Braus, Vladimir - Croatia:
The Postage Stamps of the Republic Croatia
Brejtfus, Caj - USA:
Caj's Stamp Collecting Home Page
Brisbois, Jérôme - France:
Timbre Français .Com
Brenner, Paul - United States:
The Postmark Newsletter
Brito, Al - USA:
Al's Stamp Trading Page United States, United Nations, Cuba, and Vatican City
Brown, Thomas - USA:
Tom's Stamp Trading Page
Bubba - USA:
JstABubba's Personal Stamp Collection
Büchel, Helmut - Switzerland:
Homepage von Helmut Büchel
Buhl, Burkhard - Germany:
Burkhards Homepage
BumperLand - USA:
Stamps 4 Kids
Burgess, Tim - USA:
The Line-Engraved Postage Stamps of Great Britain -
Burggraf, J.L. - France:
Voyager avec les Timbres
Burns, Pib - USA:
Pib Burns Page
Buss, Doug - Canada:
Stamp Collector
Butez, Thierry - France:
Coupe du Monde 98, Régions de France
Buxton, Robert - United Kingdom:
UPU Specimen Stamps of the Commonwealth
Bouchard, Paul-Andre - Canada: France and Canada Stamp Collection


Cagnani, Albert - Brazil: Albert's Philatelic Homepage
Callen - Wisconsin: Callen's Philately Page
Cangelaris, Panayotis: Cangelaris Philatelic Collection
Cantineau, Hervé - France: Les timbres au type Sage
Car, Peter - Columbia: Filatelia 2000
Caron, Greg - USA: Cool Stamps
Cassar, David - Malta: Stamp Collecting Page
Causse, Jean Jacques - France: La caverne philatélique

Cesar, Jean-Marc - Belgium: Philately, FDC, Collections, ...
Chang, Betty - USA: Betty's Stamps for Sale
Charette, Alde - Canada: Alde Charette, Stamp Collector
Chelouche, Tari - Israel: Israel Klussendorf Postage Labels
Chierici, L - Italy: British Empire Stamps
Chiu, Tommy - Canada: The Stamps & Cancellations of Imperial China
Cho, Helen - United States: The Private Stamp Collection
Christensen, Poul-Erik Amby - Denmark: Frimaerkesider
Christensen, Torben - Denmark: Torben Christensen's Stamp Page
Church, Alan - United Kingdom: Old Vic's Stamp Exchange
Codou, Alain Georges - France: Le Congo par ses timbres 1891-1991
Colson, Gérard - France: European Union by Stamps
Condocz, Andrew - Canada: Stamps and Postal Stationary Sites
Conséjo, Jacques - France: Hôpitaux militaires, Trouvailles, l'Allier
Constantin, Sova - Romania: Romanian Philately
Coulbourne, Joe - United States: The Perfin Place
Courtney, Howard R. - USA: Philatelic Page
Crawford, Matthew - USA: Postage Stamps and Hard- to- Find Stuff
Crenshaw, Andrew - United States: Viet Minh overprints 1945-1946
Crown, Jeffrey - USA: Faroe Islands


Dang Anh Tuân - France: Philatélie Vietnamienne
Davis, Mike - USA: Stamp Page
Dayz, Dutch - Netherlands: Desirée's Stamp Collection
Denson, Ed - USA: Ed Denson's Philatelic Home Page
Denson, Ed - USA: Stamps of Sweden
Diago, Rodenas Jose - Spain: Philately Page
Dino-Online - Germany: Dino-Online German Search-System
Donaldson, Andy - UK: Overprints and Underprints on Stamps
Donen, Neil - Canada: 1935 Silver Jubilee of George V
Dragt, Arjen - Netherlands: Arjen's home page
Dresdner, David - USA: Colorano Silk Collectors Page


Eggen, Charles - New Zealand: New Zealand First Day Covers
Eijnden, Jean-Paul van den: Privater Briefmarken Homepage
Elbau, Peter - Switzerland: Bukowina
Endebrock, Peter - United Kingdom: Tax stamps
Erbe, Tom - USA: Stamp Page


Fabio, Dominico de - Italy: Francobolli - che passione - Stamps about Napels
Fangxiang, Richard - China: Fstamps-Stamps
Fieseler, Andreas - Germany: Bund-Briefmarken
Fiorentino, Andrea - Italy: Andrea's Web Page
Fisher, Lawrence - Israel: Lawrence's Home Page
Forker, Armin - Germany: Armin Forker's Philatelic Site
Forte, Jim - USA: Jim Forte Postal History
Frederiksen, Tage - Denmark: Tage Frederiksen
Fricke, Harald - Germany: Harald's Homepage
Tammy Fromel - United States: Grandpa's Stamps
Fuchs, Rainer - United States: Rural postage stamps from Russia
Fuchs, Rainer - United States: Info on first issues of Iran-Persia
Fuchs, Rainer - United States: Info on stamps and postal history of Tibet
Fuchs, Rainer - United States: Info on Periuvian Local stamps
Fuerst, Walter - Switzerland: Walter Fuerst Philately


Gagliardi, Jennifer - USA: Year of the Rabbit Stamps
Geerlings, Detlef - Netherlands: German Stamps
Gelderen, Dirk van - Netherlands: Alaska Statehood Postmarks
Geraedts, Koen - Netherlands: Stampweb
Geraedts, Wouter - Netherlands: Wouters Filasite
Gergely, Kis Zoltán - Hungary: Deutsches Reich und Reichspost
Geys, Lex - Netherlands: Lex Geys Homepage - Nederlandse Poststukken
Giel, Wim - Netherlands: Stamps of the World
Giles, Rick - USA: Giles Specialities
Gillard, Didier - Switserland: Timbres suisses de collection
Gimeno, Antonio - Spain: Antonio's Stamp Page
Gladman, Peter - United Kingdom: Peter's Stamps
Gosselet, Benoit - Belgium: Bengo's Philatelic Box
Giroux, Gary - USA: My Collecting Areas
Guiard, J Paul - Canada: Philtek Philatélie et Généalogie
Guilfoyle, Bob - USA: Bob's Stamp Page
Guss, Maynard R. - USA: Maynard R. Guss


Haas, Ekkehard - Germany: Homepage of Ekkehard Haas
Haas, Wolfgang - Germany: Briefmarken Seite von Wolfgang Haas
Haggblom, Kris - USA: The Drunken Boat
Hansen, Jan Kingo - Denmark: Net-Frimaerker
Hanson, Ragnar - Sweden: Ragnar Hanson's Home page
Harder, Philipp - Germany: Homepage of Philipp Hader/Bundesprüfer
Har'El, Zvi - Israel: Jules Verne Stamps
Harper, Ian - United Kingdom: Ian's Stamp Page
Harty, Callen - USA: Callen's Philately Page
Haselbach, Werner - Germany: Stamp Home Page
Hasse, Paul - Germany: Arge NDP
Hedefelt, Michael - Denmark: Home of Michael Hedefelt
Hedefelt, Michael - Denmark: Stamplex - From which country the stamp come
Heimer, Zeljko - Hungary: Stamps in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina
Helgesen, Torbjørn - Norway: Tobben's Stamp page
Herber, Paul - United Kingdom: Paul Herber's Homepage
Higgins, Andy - USA: Andy's Stamp Page
Higgins, Andrew B. "Butch" - USA: Philatelic Want List
Hillesum, René - Netherlands René: Sint Petersburg Postal History
Hochereau, Dominique - France: BD - Bande Dessinee et Philatelie
Hoflund, Bert - Sweden: Estonian Stamps
Holdijk, Hans - Netherlands: Dutch Military Marks - Nederlandse Veldpost
Hoogschagen, Jan-Simon - Netherlands: Jan-Simon's Hobbycorner
Hornung, Peter - Germany: Süd-Ost Philatelie
Hoven, Frank van den - Netherlands: Franks TopoSite
Howard, Bill - USA: The U.S. Collector
Hubaut, Xavier - Belgium: Les timbres-poste et les maths
Hult Lasse - Sweden: Whole World Stamp Collecting


Idlan, Mohd - Malaysia: Exchange Malaysia Stamps
Ijaz, Ras Hassan - Pakistan: Pakistamps
Illic, Zoran - Germany: Europa Briefmarken Seite: CEPT/KSZE
Iwaoka, Yasuhiko - Japan: Beautiful Japanese Stamp
Iwata, Tadahiro - Japan: Japanese Stamps and History
Iyer, Swamy - USA: Asian Stamps for Collectors


Jackson, Ed - USA: Ed Jackson's Web Site
Jackson, Eric - USA: Eric Jackson Revenue Stamp
Jackson, Ron - UK: MachinBase, a database for GB Machin Stamp Collectors
Jacobs, H.-Dietmar - Germany: Indien
Jakel, Ernst - Germany: Homepage für Briefmarkensammler
Jämsä, Timo - Finland: Philatelic Page
Janik, Bret - Czech Republic: Japhila Philatelic Netmagazine
Janse van Vuuren, Reanie - South Africa: Reanie's Philately Page
Jansen, Peter - Netherlands: Nederlandse frankeerstempels
Jenson, Rob - USA: Rob Jenson's Online World of Philately
Johnson, David N - Canada: D. N. Johnson's Stamp Page
Jørgensens, Carl - Denmark: Carl Jørgensens Hjemmeside


Kappel, Kim - Denmark: Coins & Stamps
Kaptein, Jan - Netherlands: Philatelie van Litouwen - Philately of Lithuania
Karoly, Szucs - Hungary: Charlie's Home
Kaskela, Hannu-Finland: Hasse's hobby world
Kelly, Sam - Australia: Covers Downunder - Stamps ans Covers
Khan, Zahid - Canada: The Philatelic Phorum
Kinski, Sven & Pelczynski, Beate - Germany: Sammlerseite
Kitto, Melissa - New Zealand: Melissa's Stamp Exchange
Klaseboer, E - Netherlands: Classics and Cinderella Catalogue (1840-1920) on CD-Rom
Klaver, T - Netherlands: Filatelie
Klinger, Roland - Germany: Flag over Porch stamps
Ko, Danny - Hong Kong - China: Danny Ko's Stamp World
Koenen, Martin - Germany: Stampfinder
Kohlmeier, Sebastian - USA: Errors and Postal History Germany
Kolbe, Guido - Germany: Mein Hobby Briefmarken
Koolhaas, Michael - Netherlands: Michael's Stamppages - Precancels
Koreisha, Sergio - USA: Stamps Stamps Stamps Stamps Stamps
Korte, Aapo & Seulanto, Henri - Finland: Aapo Korte's Philatelic Page
Kowalski, Michel - France: Allo Phila News
Kraatz, Olaf - Germany: OK-Briefmarken
Kragh, Jesper - Denmark: Kragh's Homepage
Kristensson, Adam - Sweden: Penpal Stamp Exchange
Kruse, Hans: Puntstempels Nederlands Indië


LaFlam, Rick - USA: Philately's Home Page
Lam, Patrick - Hong Kong - China: Patrick Lam's Stamp Collection
Teh Hean Lam - Malaysia: Collecting Stamps from Malaysia
Langenberg, Jan - The Netherlands: Stamps from Russia and Hungary
Langenberg, Jan - The Netherlands: Perfins from Denmark
Lann, Bernard Le - France: Les timbres de l'Ouest de la France
Larson, Lars - USA: Lars Larson's Collecting & Philatelic Information
Law, Garry - New Zealand: New Zealand Chalon Portrait Stamps
Law, Garry - New Zealand: Stamp Beauty Competition - Poll
Leck, Charles - USA: Charlie Leck Philatelic Page
Lee, Jeff - United States: Lee's Illustrated Stamps Listopedia
Lee, Jeff - United States: Electronic stamp magazines and news sources on the web
Leeuwen, Ben van - Netherlands: Ben's Homepage
Lepp, Janek - Estonia: Janek's Philatelic Page
Lehner, Hubert - Austria: Flug und Ballonpost
Lewark, Lukas - Germany: Lukas Lewarks Homepage
Lemerle, Laurent - France: La France par ses Timbres
Lensvelt - Netherlands: Eerste emissie 1852 Nederland
Licata, Gaspare - Italy: Filatelia Italiana (Italy, San Marino, Vatican)
Lindblad, Lars - Sweden: Lars Lindblad's Homepage
Lindegg, de, Caspare - Italy: Postal History
Liobine - France: Les Voyages & Itinéraires de Liobine
Little, Gary - USA: Luxembourg Philately
Lövenich, Reinhold - Germany: Briefmarken
Lohmann, Ralf - Germany: Philatelieweb
Long Ta Phi - Vietnam: Vietnam and Indochina philately
Loo, Wilhelm van - Germany: Kurland - Seite über Prüfgebiet BPP Kurland
Lombard, Sara - USA: Sara's Stamp Studio
Lonkemoen, Jan Vidar - Norway: Jan Vidar's Stamp and Fishing Pages
Lorts, Charles - USA: Charlie's Stamps
Ludwig, Mark - USA: Ludwig's Home Page
Luppens, Arend - Netherlands: The Eagles' Nest
Luspo Jr., Abraham - Philippines: On Philippine Philately
Luu, Andrew - Australia: Adrew Luu's Webpage
Luzon, Francisco Luzón - Spain: Almeria
Lynn, Stacey - USA: Around the World on Two Wheels


MacGregor, Alan & Deverell, Michael - South Africa: British Africa
Maffei, Michael - USA: Mike's Stamp Page - Free Online Catalogue
Magnani, Mauro - Italy: Philatelic Resources
Maggay, Guy - Franc: Collectionner les oblitérations
Mahtani, Dino - Thailand: Dino's Stamps
Maki, Chuck - USA: Tughra Net
Malmstigen, Jan Erik - Sweden: Fågelfrimärken
Mann, Edward - USA: Ed's Stamp Page
Manta, Victor - Switzerland: Romania Shown by Its Stamps
Manta, Victor - Switzerland: SNA, a special country
Marasco, David - Canada: Dave's Philatelic Home Page
Marchat, Loïc - France: Topical postmarks, cachets and covers
Marchot, Guy - France: Mancoliste lettres taxées, 20c Empire,...
Marcos, J.D. - Argentina: Argentina Stamps
Martín Pérez, Eduardo: Postal History of Ceuta
Martinez, Jose - Spain: Collecting Stamps
Martinson, Anders - Sweden: Anders Martinson
Martinez, Jose - Spain: Jose Martinez's Stamp Collecting Page
Marzulla, Elena (ed.) - USA: U.S. Inverts
Masa - Japan: Masa's Stamp Page
Matlack, Chuck - USA: Collecting Works of Czeslaw Slania
Matz, Kenneth - Sweden: Swedish Weapon
Mayer, Bo - Denmark: Filateli
McDonald, Bill - USA: Worldwide Revenue Stamps
McCain, Jim - USA: Jim's Stamp Page
McClain, David L. - United States: United States Postage
McKay, Sonia - Gibraltar: Sonia's Stamp Homepage
McNeill, Lisa and Paulson, Tom - USA: Stamp Page
Medone, Marcelo - Argentina: Stamps of the World
Meinders, Ralf: Die geschichtliche Entwickelung der Post in Holte
Menard, Guy - Canada: Guy's Stamp Collection
Mendizabal, Juan Carlos - Spain: Losmendi's stamps exchange page
Merkert, Klaus - Switserland: Philamobel: Philatelic Study Unit Motor Vehicles
Messmer, Pierre-Alexis - France: Stamp Page
MikeFTC - USA: MikeFTC's Philatelic Spin
Milkus, Simon - Ukraine: Homepage & Ukrainian Stamp Catalogue
Miller, Ken - USA: Shouting the postman
Miller, Wayne - USA: Collecting Stamps and More
Mills, David - USA: The French Marianne Issues
Mills, T.F. - USA: Homepage
Milonopoulos, Michael - Greece: Greek Stamp Collection
Milos, Michael - Canada: Mike's Stamps, Coins and Hobbies
Mooney - Ireland: Irish Stamps and Postcards
Mouritsen, Henrik - Denmark: Stamps and Postal History
Møller, Sonny - Faroe Islands: Som-Frim


Naarstad, Morten - Norway: Finland Postal History
Nackaerts, Jan - Belgium: Jan Nackaerts' Homepage
Nebel, Bernd - Germany: Bu/Be und Walt Disney Briefmarken
Neville, Jared - USA: Stamplynx
Nicola, Piero Di - USA: e-Storia postale
Nielsen, Mogens Riber - Norway: Mogens' Stamps Page
Nørby, Toke - Denmark: Toke Nørby's Personal Page
Nuytinck, Caroline - Belgium: De Belgische Postzegelruilsite


Odegarden, Kjell - Norway: Philatelic Home Page
Ölcer, Stefan - Germany: Briefmarken - Stamps
Olcheski, Bill - USA: Bill Olcheski's Stamp Page - Beginner's stamp site
Ooijen, S.C. van - Netherlands: Stamps Exchange with G. J. van Ooijen
Toon Oomens (NL): De Postzegelfanaat
Opstal, Rob van - Netherlands: Rob's Stamp Page
Ottonin, Arnold - Switserland: Philanoldi


Paauwe, Jacob - Netherlands: Postzegels Duitsland
Le Pape, Frédéric - France: Les carnets modernes Français
Palsson, Vigfus - Iceland: Iceland
Pandya, Prashant - India: Prashant's Home Page
Paracio, Lucas - Indonesia: Lucas Paracio Personal website
Pastarus, Alar - Sweden: Estonian Philately
Pavalasky, John J. - USA: The Pavalasky Family WWW Home Page
Pavelin, Denis - Croatia: Stamps for Sale
Pearsall, Eric - USA: The Stamps of the Grand Duchy of Baden
Perez, Christian Gabriel - Argentina: Grupo Tematico Impressa
Péricart, M. Edouard - France: La Marianne de Cheffer
Perreaut, Olivier - France: Enveloppes et prêt-à-poster
Perreaut, Olivier - France: Collection d' enveloppes Prêt à Poster - France
Pertzborn, Bill - USA: Bill's Fun and Hobby Site
Pescht, Thomas - Germany: Thomas Pescht - Homepage
Petersen, Steen J - Faroe Island: Faroe Stamps
Philatelié Mondiale, Lausanne - Switserland: Stamps on the Net
Phillips, David - USA: Phillips Stamp Site
Piercey, David - Canada: David Piercey's Philatelic Home Page
Pierard, Frédéric - Belgium: Les timbres et la Bande Dessinée
Pike, George - USA: George Pike's Stamp Page
Piniella, Francisco - Spain: Columbus on Stamps
Pons, Bruno - France: Philatelie de Hongrie / Hungarian Philately
Popov, Dimiter - Bulgaria: Dimiter Popov's Stamp Page
Porro, Marcello - Italy: Railways, Trains, Dolphins and Padania
Potel, Philippe - France: Philately and Postal History
Price, Greg - USA: 1875-1900 Germany Michel 37
Prophila - Germany: Prophila Collection
Prous, Enrico - Italy: Enricophil
Puissant, Joel - France: Le Site des Cartes Philateliques
Puflea Trevio, Jorge - Mexico: Filatelia de Mexico
Putten v.d. - Netherlands: (Postzegel)hangb oekjes


Quesada-Allué, Dr. Luis A. - Argentina: Filatelia - Mixed Frankings
Quine, Douglas Boynton - USA: Doug Quine's Homepage


Räikkönen, Martti - Finland: Martti's Estonian Stamp Pages
Ramsay, Dave - Canada: The Stamp Dad
Rauhala, Heikki - Sweden: Computer Stamps
Reimund, Rainer - Germany: Postage ATM labels, Automatmarken
Reimund, Rainer - Germany: Automatenmarken, Framas, Vending machine stamps
Reinhardt, Joachim - Denmark: Physics Related Stamp Images
Reynolds, Ben - USA: The Texas Centennial Collector
Richoux, Howard - USA: Fish, Game and Duck Stamp Collectors' Page
Ródenas, José - Spain: Philately
Rose, Steve - USA: Steve Rose's Stamp Page
Rosali, Mohd Idlan - Malaysia: Idlan's Stamps Page
Rossignoli, Andrea - Italy: Lombardy-Venetia Stamps
Rössling, Uwe - Germany: Uwe Rössling's Briefmarken-Listen
Roudeillac, Daniel - France: Timbres et Défense
Rowell, David - USA: Russian Philately, Stamps and Postal History
Royce, Donald - USA: StampDon Homepage of Stamps
Ryall, Chris - United Kingdom: Arnold Machin Obituary


Safft, Andreas - Germany: Tauschplatz für Karten und Marken
Salicath, Leif - Norway: Leif Salicath's stamp pages
Salitra, Patrick - Canada: Pat's Stamp Page - Stamps for Sale
Sampaio, Marco - Portugal: Indentify Stamp
Sava, Merter - Turkey: Turkish and Ottoman Stamps
Savola, Heikki - Finland: Karkkilan Postimerkkikerho.
Schafraet, Nicolas - Belgium: NicoSite
Schaps, Robert - USA: Robert Schaps' Stamp Collecting Main Page
Schiller, Thorsten - Germany: Spezialsammlung Dauerserie Sehenswürdigkeiten
Schillani, Walter - Australia: Philately Down Under
Schmidt, Benny - Denmark: Hjemmeside med frimaerker og Pia's Panda'er
Schmidt, Thomas - Germany: Stamps
Schmidtkonz, Gaby - Germany: Gabys Stamps: Pferde und Tier-Motive
Schmidtkonz, Thomas - Germany: Stamps/Briefmarken
Schneege, Kurt - Germany: Die Postgeschichte Ostpreussen
Schnellbacher, J. - Germany: Schnellbacher Philatelie
Schulze, Horst - Germany: Homepage of Horst Schulze
Schwartz, P. and Zerbonia R. R. - USA: The Museum of US Essays & Proofs
Schweder, R. - Germany: Rainers' Homepage - Norwegen
Sedelmynth J.A. - Sweden: Mynth och sedlar på frimärken
Senkus, William M. - USA: Ephemera Philatelica - a Philatelic Alphabet
Sequeira, Paulo - Portugal: Paulo Sequiera - Stamps from Portugal
Settimo, Gianni: Torino
Seulanto, Henri - Finland: Erikoisleimat - Finnish Stamps
Shanahan, Eunice and Ron - Australia: Postal History and Stamps
Sharpe, Bill - United States: Sharpe's Stamp Page
Shdemati,Yossi - Israel: Yossi's place - stamps and postcards
Sherman, Steve - USA: Steve's Stamp Page
Shorock, Don - USA: Don's Philately Page
Siegumfeldt, Michael - Denmark: Varieties in Estonian Stamps 1918 - 1940
Signa, Danilo - Philippines: Danny's Philatelic and Numismatic Pages
Sihler , Peter - Germany: Peter's Page - Tauschseite
Silman, F. - USA: Silman's Stamp Page
Silvio, Teneriello - Switzerland: Helvetia Swiss Stamps
Simon, Klaus-Jürgen - Germany: Briefmarken Homepage
Slezak, Richard - South Korea: Richard Slezak's Worldwide Collection
Everett "Ev" Slosman - USA: Postal Postings
Small, Richard - USA: Machine Cancel Electronic Forum
Smith , Robert - South Africa: Robert's Web Site
Tim Smith: Ufo Stamps - A Brief History of Flying Saucers on Stamps
Snyder, David J - USA: The David Snyder Stamp Page
Soardi, Walter - Italy: Francobolli d'Italia
Sobrier, Julien - France: La philatélie français et la Marianne de Gandon
Soerensen, Jan Krogh - Denmark: Jans hjemmeside
Sørensen, Henrik Selsøe - Denmark: Danish Postal History and Post Cards
Southwood, Mark - USA: Mark's Stamps
Stamp Page: Stamp Page - France, Canada
Stanecki, Krzysztof - Poland: Balloons on Stamps
Steidley, Stefanie - USA: 1-Cent Franklin Stamp Exhibit
Steiner, William E. - USA: Stamp Albums Web
Steinvikaune, Bertil - Norway: Frimerker
Stelte, Henk - Netherlands: Postzegels Domstad
Stevens, Pete - United Kingdom: Pete's Stamp Pad Secure shopping cart
Stirrups, David - UK: France and Colonies Philatelic Society of GB (unoff.)
Stoler, Rich - USA: Rich Stoler's Trading List
Stock, Thomas Dr. med.-Germany: The Stamps Home Page of Thomas Stock, MD
Stonebraker, Jim - USA: Jim's Stamp Page
Strauer, Ulrich - Germany: Ulrich's Stamps Page
Streed, Tim - USA: Tim "Stretch" Streed's Stamp Page
Strobel, Jürgen - Germany: Homepage of Jürgen Strobel
Sulman, Arie - USA: Arie Sulman's Homepage
Sutherland, Greg - USA: Freeman's Home Page
Sutton, Dennis - Australia: Dennis Sutton Stamp Collector
Sulman, Arie - Netherlands: Arie Sulman's Homepage
Sveen, Simen - Norway: Frimerker
Svolis, Aris - Israel: Aris 's Home Page
Swidinsky, John G. - USA: Beach Philatelics
Sylvester, Stacey - Canada: Sylvester's Stamps and Covers


Taylor, Andy - United Kingdom: Andy Taylor's Homepage
Teh Hean Lam - Malaysia: Collecting Stamps from Malaysia
Thömmes, Elmar - Germany: Meine Tauschecke
Thompson, Peter - Australia: Hutt River Principality - Independent Sovereign State
Thompson, William - USA: William's Stamp Page
Thys, Herman - Belgium: Belgian & Dutch Stamp Offers
Tramesel, Christiane - France: Philatélie Besançon Franche-Comté
Trapkov, George - Canada: Banknotes from all over the World
Trinquier, Alain - France: Le département du Var : promenade, Oblitérations
Trygg, Cristoffer -Sweden: Swedish Stamp Booklets


Uitterdijk, D - Netherlands: Dupke's Stamp Page


Vahlbruch, Gertrud - Germany: Briefmarken aus aller Welt
Vanhove, Gregory - Belgium: Filatelie
Vasques, Jordi - Spain: Jordi's Web Page
Verdura, Carlos - USA: Carlos Verdura's Stamp Corner
Verelst, Leon - Belgium: Philatelie Thematique
Verissimo, Luiz Carlos - Brazil: Exchange of Stamps
Victor, Edward - United States: Judaica Philatelic Resources
Vidal, Duarte -Portugal: Stamp Me
Vidar, Jan: Jan Vidar's Stamp Page
Vihervaara, Ari - Finland: CollectorWeb
Vlaardingerbroek, Rob - Netherlands: Titia and Rob's Stampcorner
Vogel, Michael - Germany: Homepage von Michael Vogel-Tauschseite
Vos, Ronald de - Netherlands: Filaron
Vrhnjak, Bojan - Slovenia: Stamps


Walters, Pete - Australia: Pete's Stamp Collection
Warby, Alan - United Kingdom: Hampstead Castle
Ward, Kathy - Canada: Kathy's Stoney Creek Post Office
Warren, David - USA: Dave's Stamp Page
Washburne, Steve - USA: Steve Washburne's Home Page
Watanasin, Wanchok - Thailand: Thai Stamps
Watson, Andrew - United Kingdom: Saarinen Definitives
Weatherford, Mike - USA: Mike Weatherford's Web Page
Wehner, Andreas - Germany: Die Plattenfehler der AM POST Marken
Welch, Chuck - USA: Electronic Museum of Mail Art
Weller, Thorsten - Australia: Aero Images - Aero Collectables
Wertheimer, Pierre - France: Stamps by themes
Westerhof, Hans - Netherlands: Postzegels
Whinnery, Walt - USA: Stamp Collecting and Trading
White, John - USA: WhiTech
White, Wendy - United Kingdom: Justwendy Themes
Whyte, Derry - United Kingdom: Caratex Stamps
Wiberg, Jonas - Sverige: Jonas Frimärksbytarsida
Wijaya, Husin - Indonesia: Stamps of Indonesia
Wijk, Willem-Jan - The Netherlands: Willem's Stamp Site
Willems, Hans -The Netherlands: Hans Willems' Philatelic Page
Williams, David E. - USA: Broome County, New York Postal History
Williams, Marshall - USA: Philatelist Redux
Winter, Gerhard - Germany: Stamps With Fossil Man
Wippich, Klaus - Germany: Klaus Wippich Briefmarken Seite
Wittmer, J. - Germany: Feuerwehr auf Briefmarken
Woo, Catherine - Mauritius: Mauritius - Paradise island in the Indian Ocean
Woosley, Ryan - USA: Ryan's Philatelic Page
Wu, Winston - Singapore: Winston's Stamp Webpage

X - Y

Yeap, Jane and June - Malaysia: Stamp Swap Robin
Yeap, Szi Min - Malaysia: Stamp Exchange
Yépiz, Gerardo - USA: Servidor de Arte Postal
Yilmas, Baris - Turkey: Swiss Stamps
Ysebaert, Jean-Claude - Belgium: World Stamps Collector
Yu, Roy - PR China: Philately Online


Zangh, Li Alice - Australia: Raphael Stamps
Zhou, James J. - USA: Worldwide Definitive Stamps
Zhou ,Wenston - USA: Asian Stamp Collection
Zibi, Franck - France: Les plus grandes raretés mondiales

după PhilaGuide:.The Golden Guide for Philatelists

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  1. I want to be short. Many dealers have sites to offer stamps. I am interested in fery few, trying to fill some "holes". Is there a site where I can enter my want list (Scott or Michel) and dealers to check what I am looking for? You can reply directly to


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