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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Schimb filatelic

Jurnal on line pentru filatelişti vine în sprijinul filateliştilor pentru a găsi perteneri de schimb din toată lume. Cei care doresc să posteze un anunţ sunt rugaţi să trimită un mesaj la

Administratorul nu răspunde pentru conţinutul anunţurilor.

I Arunkumar from India. My themematic collection are Olympics, birds, Dog&Cats, Motor Bikes and Cars. Please let me know your themes so that I can send you.
My address is
461, Bara Flats
Agrico P.O.
Jamshedpur 831009

I want stamps covers and cards on trains,ships and animals.From every corner of the world.No cto stamps please.In exchanage i can send stamps of india,nepal, sri lanka and bhutan.If any collector will send cards and cover cancelled before 1950 i can send british period post cards and cover of india.But only by registered post.
Ashwani, India

I´m looking for Austria and Liechtenstein used stamps years 2000-2007.commemora tives, large size only. I return Germany and UK commemoratives, large size years 2000-2007. No want list, 1 x 1 basis. E mail me for discuss.

My name is John schaerer, I live in Botswana. My philatelic interests are Basutoland. I am now looking for errors and varieties, covers and anything else unusual Botswana. I am now looking for errors and varieties, covers and anything else unusual.
Best regards,
John Schaerer

Dear friends,
you can see in photo's under my name a new photo for 100 stamps from Leichenstein +Luxembourg +one used ms Leichenstein. I want to exchange for 100 very recent used stamps 2007-2008 from these countries GB, France (no self adhesive), Switzerland, Spain, Italy and Austria (2005-2008), of course different combination (dubbel are accepted too) if u r interested you are kindely requested to send first after email agreement.
Bassel/The Netherlands

Dear Friends & Olympic Collectors!
I'm Saravanan from India .I'm a serious Olympic Collector for the past 4 Years!I will send the real posted FDC for Olympics 2008 from India on the issue date 8/8/08.I need friends who promise me to send their countries Olympic Issue on the issue date to me!!!
With regards,

Dear collectors
I can offer (only) mint Iran cat and cheetah stamp for exchange. I can offer your want list in Iran. I can exchange catalogue value.
Please sent me you offer topic list.
Iran Cat Stamps:
2004, Cat Miniature Sheet
2003, WWF Cheetah (4v)
Best regards,

I am collecting only mint stamps complete sets all stamps wwf ,flower,car and etc. sets all stamps new or old stamps .(iam collect too stamps about space,chess, hors and cats i am collecting stamps from country iran.
I am historian and teacher.

Hi everyone.
I added some stamps picture on my e-mail. Who wants to exchange this stamps with me?But i can send 10 stamps for each picture. 12 different stamps total 120 stamps.Each 10 stamps are the same. Because i don`t have any different stamps now.I exchanged all of them. I can send you 120 stamps(12 different stamps) and you can send me 100 Stamps (ww) Or What is your offer?
A. Tuncer

Greetings Fellow Philatelists!
If you have no interest in your holding of USA stamps (only commemoratives and cut squares, no definitives please) I will gladly trade them 1 to 1 for my worldwide. Or, if you have a specific country need, I will try to accommodate you. Looking forward to hearing from you!

I colect a Rotary stamp. I can send a Romanian stamp, any theme.

Hi, everyone,
I would like to advise all not to trade with Salman from Pakistan. He's extremely unreliable and makes out lots of false excuses so that he doesn't send stamps in return for the ones I sent him. You cannot trust him at all.

I send 150 large stamps You return 150 large stamps

Hi, my name´s Javier, from Mexico. I like to collect all kind of stamps, from all the world. If someone wants to exchange, please contact me, I promise i am seriusly.


I want cards,covers and stamps on trains.In exchange i can send stamps of india,nepal, sri lanka and bhutan.i can also send meghdoot post cards of india fdc of india and british period used post cards and covers of india.But only by registered post.

Dear all collector.
Iam much intrested in pakistani post Marks /special post marks/slogan post Marks cover from 1947 to 2008, iam offer to all philatelic items from pakistan.
Post office Tharechani
Distt:sukkur, sindh
philasad@yahoo. com

I am from india. we can exchange FDC,MINI SHEETS, MINT SE-TENENT, you can cheak me by sending 1 FDC. I am a serious collector. I have collection of Bhutan, Nepal also. May I request you to pls reply me?

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