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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

HUNFILA 2009 – 1000 éves Visegrád

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Special Regulations of the

International Stamp Exhibition

1. Name of the exhibition
International Stamp Exhibition
2. Organizators
The exhibition will be organized the National Federation of Hungarian Philatelist and Council of the City Visegrádon on the occassion of 1000th anniversary foundation of City Visegrád and the 82th Stamp Day under the support of the Hungarian Post Company and with acceptance of the Federation of European Philatelic Associations (FEPA). In this city was born the treaty of regional cooperation of Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary (called „The Four of Visegrád”). The 1000 years anniversary of city foundation gives us an excellent occasion to organize an international stamp exhibition.
3. Site and date of the exhibition
Site: Visegrád
Date: 5-7 June 2009
4. Regulations of the exhibition
This special regulation shall be applicable to HUNFILA 2009, which was built on the base of the Exhibition Regulation of the National Federation of Hungarian Philatelists.
5. Rank and classes of the exhibition
The HUNFILA 2009 – 1000 ÉVES VISEGRÁD International Stamp Exhibition is an exhibition of Rang I., where the exhibits may be presented in the following classes:
5.1. Out of Competitive Classes
5.1.1. Honorary Class (for invited persons and jury-members)
5.1.2. Official Class (for postal administrations, post- and stamp museums)
5.2. Competitive Classes
5.2.1. Traditional Philately Class
5.2.2. Revenue Stamp Class
5.2.3. Postal History Class
5.2.4. Aerophilately Class
5.2.5. Postal Stationary Class
5.2.6. Thematic Philately Class
5.2.7. Maximaphily Class
5.2.8. Youth Philately Class Group A 13-15 years old Group B 16-18 years old Group C 19-21 years old
5.2.9. Philatelic Literature
5.2.10. Open Class
5.2.11. One-Frame Exhibits Class
5.2.12. Picture Postcard Class
6. Conditions for participation
6.1. The intention to participate on the exhibition must be forwarded to the Organizing Committee not later then 31 January 2009. To the application (entry) form must be enclosed the introductory page of the collection.
6.2. The Organizing Committee will be decision about the acceptance of applications and inform commissioners up to 28 February 2009.
6.3. Those collectors may participate at the exhibition who have won award ranking at least vermeil medal with their collection at national exhibition of I. rank.
6.4. In reasonable case the Organizing Committee of the exhibition may disregard this condition.
6.5. Concerning the literary works and One-Frame Exhibits the preliminary conditions are not obligatory.
6.6. The exhibitors may present their collections/literature work in the Competitive Classes in extent of the following numbers of frames:
5.2.1-5.2.7. 7 or 11 frames 3–5 frames 4–6 frames 5–7 frames
5.2.9. unlimited
5.2.10. 5–7 frames
5.2.11. 1 frame (12 sheets!)
5.2.12. 3–7 frames
In extraordinary cases the Organizing Committee may divert from these frame numbers.
Those exhibitors who have won large vermeil or higher prizes at FIP exhibitions, have right to present their collections on maximum 11 frames (132 sheets).
6.7. At the HUNFILA 2009 International Stamp Exhibition isn’ t a Championship Class, therefore the collections that fulfilled the conditions of this Class at FIP exhibition, are not allowed to be presented in the Competitive Classes.
6.8. May be inserted in one frame 12 sheets of the maximal size 26x30 cm. (The frames of the One-Frame Exhibits are also for 12 sheets!) It is possible to show the FIP 5 or 8 frame collections, in 80 or 128 sheets. In this case will be remain the place of 4 sheets empty in the last frame.
The sheets have to be put in transparent protective bags.
6.9. The literature exhibits are requested to must be handed over in two exemplares.
Both exemplares will remain at the Organizing Committee after the Exhibition.
6.10. The participation fee of the exhibitors:
Collections 15.-€ (EURO) / frame
Philatelic Literature 15.-€ (EURO) / work
The exhibitors of the collections in the 5.1.1., 5.1.2. and 5.2.8. Classes are exempt from paying the exhibition fees.
7. Jury Awards
7.1. Exhibits in the Competitive Classes will be judged by Jury.
7.2. Awards
7.2.1. The Jury will award the following prizes:
diploma in the rank of large gold medal 90 to 100 points
diploma in the rank of gold medal 85 to 89 points
diploma in the rank of large vermeil medal 80 to 84 points
diploma in the rank of vermeil medal 75 to 79 points
diploma in the rank of large silver medal 70 to 74 points
diploma in the rank of silver medal 65 to 69 points
diploma in the rank of silver bronze medal 60 to 64 points
diploma in the rank of bronz medal 50 to 59 points
The exhibitor, who does not attain the medal degree, will be provided with a certificate in the rank of participation.
The collections presented in the Open Class and Picture Postcard Class will be provided with a diploma in the rank of I., II. and III.
7.2.2. The collections presented in the Honorary Class will be provided with a diploma in the rank of large gold medal.
7.2.3. The best home collector of the exhibition will be provided the HUNFILA 2009 Grand Prize National, the best foreign collector will be provided the HUNFILA 2009 Grand Prize International.
7.2.4. The collection that expresses the spirit and idea of „The Four of Visegrád” best will be provided the „The Four of Visegrád Grand Prize”.
7.2.5. The Jury may award special prizes for the best collections.
7.2.6. All exhibitors will be provided with a memorial medal of the Exhibition.
8. Handling of collections
8.1. On the basis of accepted and confirmed registrations the exhibits have to be sent to the Organizing Committee no later then 31 May 2009.
We accept collections brought personally up to the 4 June 2009 to 12.00 a.m.
The exhibitors, who have the exhibit-passport, must it hand over together with the exhibit for Organizing Committee verifies in it the results.
8.2. The Organizing Committee shall make its best efforts for the security of the collections.
The exhibitor shall take care of the insurance of the exhibited collentions.
8.3. In case of the exhibitor from non EU countries the collections must be sent or brought accompanied by an „ATA CARNET” form. An Inventory Form has to be drawn up on the exhibits according to the Hungarian Customs Regulations. These dokuments will be sent to the exhibitors by the Organizing Committee and they have to accompany the exhibits to be sent to the Organizing Committee.
8.4. The handing back of the exhibits brought personally shall take place at the spot of the Exhibition on 7 June from 2 pm, or at the Exhibition Group of the MABÉOSZ from 9 June (H-1064 BUDAPEST VI., Vörösmarty u. 65.).
9. Seat and address of the Organizing Committee
HUNFILA 2009 – 1000 ÉVES VISEGRÁD International Stamp Exhibition
Organizing Committee
Magyar Bélyeggyűjtők Országos Szövetsége - MABÉOSZ
(National Federation of Hungarian Philatelists)
H-1064 BUDAPEST VI., Vörösmarty u. 65.

Postal Address: H-1387 BUDAPEST, P.O.Box 4. HUNGARY
Phone: +36-1-3328359; +36-1-3327300
Fax: +36-1-2690620

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