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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Handbook - Cérès 1849

David Feldman SA, one of the world's leading auction houses, has just published what some are calling "the philatelic book of the year," a detailed study of the first issue of France, covering both the stamps and their usages, based on the famous Joseph Hackmey collection which is acknowledged as the greatest ever formed.
Illustrated in full colour with about 400 images of stamps, multiples and covers, the book was written by Michèle Chavet and Jean-François Brun, both signers of the RDP and members of the Académie Française de Philatélie. Mr. Brun is also the foremost living expert on French philately. Both authors were able to research the archives held by the French postal museum, so some details of rate changes, international agreements, cancel policies and other fine points are given here for the first time.
A loose-leaf index and bibliography enables one to quickly find examples of specific frankings and uncommon rates, as well as the major stamp varieties (tête-bêche pairs, etc.). The book is organised into two sections, the first of which deals with the stamps in the order in which they were issued in 1849-50 as well as their intended uses, and the second covers both domestic and foreign usages (each subdivided further) showing the effects of changes of rates, different routings, etc. as applicable. Shown are nearly all the "largest known multiples" mint, used and on cover in private hands. This definitive record of the true "benchmark" collection, which may be broken up and sold in the near future, allows anyone with an interest in Classic Philately to have in one place an unmatched record of the key items of this popular and often difficult issue.
The handbook is a deluxe hardbound edition of over 200 pages.

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