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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New issues: UK - " Business and Consumer Smilers 2010"

To refresh the existing range available for customisation, Royal Mail has created an additional four Consumer and six Business Smilers® stamps in a miniature sheet format.
Consumer Smilers® - four stamps Among the most popular occasions for sending greetings are birthdays so there are two new designs illustrating a birthday cake and a gift.
And to extend the service to cover overseas greetings, Royal Mail have included two new airmail values for Europe and Worldwide, which explored a generic ‘hello’ and greeting concept.
These four stamps will only appear together on the Miniature Sheet, and their long term use is for Smilers® sheets.
Business Customised - six stamps Following research with our philatelic business customers we selected six new subjects to extend this service into the key thematic areas of rail transport, vehicle transport, air travel, sea travel, royalty and remembrance.
Royal Mail is producing a First Day Cover, Presentation Pack, Stamp Cards, and Generic Sheet to accompany the Smilers® 2010 stamp issue.
Technical details:
Issue Date - 26 January 2010
The miniature sheet and generic sheet will be printed by Cartor Security Print in lithography. Dimensions: 123mm x 70mm, stamps are 20 x 24mm. Designs: Seal and Crown - Hat Trick; Transport - Andrew Davidson; Cake & Parcel - Annabel Wright; Europe and Worldwide - Lucy Davey.
Postal authority United Kingdom

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