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Monday, January 11, 2010

New issues: Mexico - "100 Years Aviation Mexico 1910-2010"

Among the ancient Mexicans wings or fly the mythical power has many expressions, sometimes subtly embedded in their complex theogony and other fully manifested in the eagle, one of the national symbols. Time passed but the dream remained alive in the hearts of other Mexicans who would become the pioneers of aviation in our country. The first ascent of a balloon in Mexico held in Veracruz on February 6, 1785, and its builder and launcher was Antonio Maria Fernandez, a resident and merchant of the port. The balloon was made of paper and filled with hot air and smoke from burning straw, falling to a league from the city of Veracruz. Benito Leon Acosta, who was a student at the School of Mines, spent several years studying with balloons, including construction of a globe and the development of chemical mixtures to get enough hydrogen. On April 3, 1842, Leon Acosta made his ascension aerostatics successfully from the Plaza de Toros de San Pablo in Mexico City. Don Joaquin de la Cantolla and Rico are fond of having ballooning balloonist Samuel Wilson escorted into one of its flights made on 27 August 1862. Was amazed and spent the rest of his life to Cleland, conducted numerous investigations into the rarefied air of heights, how to give direction to the balloons and built an alcohol burner to inflate the hot air balloon that could control will. During the summer of 1909, Alberto Braniff took advantage of his stay in Europe to take flying lessons at school in the house Voisin Issy-les-Moulineaux, France. After her lessons, paid the amount of a Voisin biplane and ordered that he be sent to Mexico with a mechanic. The biplane arrived in Veracruz on 9 December 1909. It was a complex device of steel, wood, wire and cloth, with two sets of wings phones, among which was an engine of 25 hp ENV propelling rear propeller. Weighed 550 kg in total. Despite some complications with the engine, Braniff persisted in his dream and finally the January 8, 1910 managed to rise, take a walk on the plains of La Hacienda de Balbuena and land safely. The only journalist present was an editor of The Mexican Herald published the next day: "He flew right a distance of about 500 meters and then gracefully rose to a height of twenty feet, running down again for about two hundred meters and then again rose like a bird until about the height above". The flight made on January 8, 1910 by Alberto Braniff in Balbuena, was the first made by an airplane in Mexico and Latin America, so this is truly an event momentous for our country. For this reason, the Mexican Postal Service, Correos de Mexico, issues a commemorative postage stamp.
Technical details:
Name: 100 Years Aviation Mexico 1910-2010
Price: $ 7.00 Pesos $ 0.54 USD
Date of issue: 8, January 2010
Designer: Rodolfo Betancourt Espíndola
Themes: Communications
Postal Authority Mexico

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