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Saturday, January 16, 2010

New issues: Papua New Guinea - "Pioneer Arts"

Contemporary Arts is an aspect of art creation that began in the mid-seventies by four pioneer artists namely; Mathias Kauage, Timothy Akis, Jakupa Ako and David Lalasi.
This form of art, interestingly, gives us unique insight into life there through as a new medium. These men were the first artists in PNG to exhibit their work in a western sense. They opened the door to a growing number of younger people who paint and sculpt as members of a global group of indigenous artists, some of whom, through scholarships, have studied in many other areas of the Pacific.
The Post PNG Philatelic Bureau is honored to present in its first stamp issue for 2010 the work of another pioneer artist; Jakupa Ako.
Jakupa Ako (known as Jakupa) is also the recipient of an O.B.E, awarded in 1981. Born about 1942 in the Bena Bena region of the Eastern Highlands, his career as an artist began when he worked as a janitor in the newly opened Teachers' College at Goroko when he began to paint alongside enrolled students. Because his work showed great imagination, Tom Craig, the head of Expressive Arts, offered him a scholarship to Creative Arts Center (later renamed the National Arts School) when Craig became its first director in 1972.
Like Kauage, Jakupa is a lively chronicler of village and town life. His images are based on stories of local village myths or the life he sees around him. His love of color, coupled with his use of lively organic shapes, has created a strong rhythmic quality to his work that recalls the repetitive beat of traditional Highland dance.
Stampset Details KI.00 - Fishman - A lengthy image designed of part fish part human circling around a tree kangaroo.
K3.00 - Story Board - A legendary story board featuring various figures. The dominant figure has two separate bodies joint at the abdomen.
K4.65 - Hunting Trip - Image of a kid after initiation setting out on a hunting trip to experience manhood.
K6.30 - Warrior - A cro-Magnon warrior armed with a club in possition to jab, while the other is in reserve directly behind him.
Souvenir Sheet Details
K10.00 - Spirit Mask - An image of a Spirit Mask in vivid colours
Souvenir Sheetlet Details KI.00 - Bird Art - Image of a bird liberating its freedom of flight
K3.00 - Bird Eating - An image of an imaginary bird feeding on berries.
K4.65 - Bird Nest - An image of bird constructing a nest
K6.30 - Marsupial - An image of a Marsupial in full form
Postal Authority Papua New Guinea

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