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Sunday, January 24, 2010

New issues: Denmark - "Denmark’s Nature "

8,50 - The natterjack toad with its yellow back stripe can be seen on the DKK 8,50 stamp.
At several localities in Denmark, including the Tip of Funen, waterhole projects have been carried out to support the species. Open waterholes provide better living conditions for the toad, so some of the overgrown pools have been cleared of vegetation.
9,50 - The natterjack toad with its yellow back stripe can be seen on the DKK 9,50 stamp.
On the DKK 9.50 stamp flutters the small copper butterfly, a butterfly that is found all over Denmark. This reddish-yellow butterfly has a wingspan of 20-30 millimetres and thrives in many different localities, including woodland paths, meadows, dry beach areas and gardens with an abundance of flowers.
12,50 - With between 1.1 and 1.3 million breeding pairs, the skylark featured on the DKK 12,50 stamp is one of Denmark's commonest birds, surpassed only by the blackbird and the chaffinch.
Right from early spring until August, you can hear its characteristic long warbling song in most parts of the country.
18,50 - The perennial purple milk-vetch featured shooting up on the DKK 18.50 stamp, grows on gravel and sandy slopes along the peninsula. The purple milk-vetch is a densely branching, upright-standing plant. Its stems are covered in small hairs, and it has beautiful violet-petalled flowers which bloom in June and July.
Tehncal details: Date of issue: 2 January 2010
Artist: Jens Overgaard Christensen
Drawings: Martin Mörck
Design: Post Danmark, Stamps
Paper: Self-adhesive
Printing method: Offset
Format: 31 x 23 mm
Number of stamps per sheet: 42

Postal authority Denmark

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