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Saturday, January 30, 2010

New issues: Lithuania - "XXI Olympic Winter Games. Vancouver"

The Games expect to have participants from almost 100 countries. That will be a new record of the number of participating countries in the history of Winter Olympics. The authors of this record will be also sportsmen from Lithuania. Four skiers, one biathlete and one alpine skier will represent our country. For the biathlon contestant Diana Rasimovičiūtė and skier Irina Terentjeva it will be the third Winter Olympics.
The debut of Lithuania in the Olympic Winter Games was in 1928, when the skater Kęstutis Bulota performed in St. Moritz. Lithuania has two champions of Winter Olympics: biathlete Algimantas Šalna and his team won gold in the relay in 1984 Sarajevo Games, and the skier Vida Vencienė became Olympic champion in 1988 in Calgary. She also became a bronze medallist there.
The sportsmen will be given 1.014 medals in Vancouver.
Tehnical details:
Issue date: 2010.01.30
Description: The XXI Olympic Winter Games shall take place in Vancouver, city of Canada, on 12-28 of February 2010
Face value – 2,45 Lt
Edition: 0,15 m
Artist H. Ratkevičius
Offset. Art paper. Stamp - 34,5x30 mm
Perf.14. Sheet of 10 (5x2) stamps. The margins of a sheet are with pictures.
Printed in Osterreichishe Staatsdrukerei GmbH printing-house in Vienna (Austria)
Postal Authority Lithuania

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