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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New issues: Greenland - "EUROPA 2010 - Children’s Books"

This year’s theme for PostEurop’s EUROPAstamps is children’s books. Books for children hold great pleasure both to write and read. Often the books reach far beyond national borders through their rich imagery and they delight children andadults worldwide.
The artist who created POST Greenland’s two EUROPA-stamps this year, Julie Edel Hardenberg, is also a children’s books’ author and she well understands the sort of artwork that captures children’s interest in a world where imagination and senses can reign free.
Tehnical details:
Value: DKK 8.50, DKK 9.50
Date of issue: 18th January 2010
50 stamps per sheet
Format: B - horizontal
Artist: Julie Edel Hardenberg
Outer measurements:
20.10mm x 27.90mm
Typography: Dorit Olsen
Printing Method: Offset
Paper: Sopal

Postal Authority Greenland

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