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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New issues: Republika Srpska - "600 years of Zvornik"

Zvornik is a city on the Drina river in northeastern Bosnia and Herzegovina, located south of the town of Bijeljina in the Republika Srpska entity. The town Mali Zvornik ("little Zvornik") lies directly across the river in Serbia, and not far north is Loznica. Zvornik is first mentioned in the year 1410, although it was known as Zvonik ("bell tower") at that time. The town's geographic location has made it an important trade link between Bosnia and the east. For instance, the main road connecting Sarajevo and Belgrade runs through the city. Zvornik has also the distinction of being the only city in Bosnia that directly lies on the border to Serbia.
During the Ottoman period, Zvornik was the capital of the Zvornik sanjak (an administrative region). This was primarily the case because of the city's crucial role in the economy and the strategic importance of the city's location.
Tehnical details:
Author: Bozidar Dosenovic/Nebojsa Djumic
Type of issue: commemorative
Date of issue: 26.01.2010
Technique: multicolor offset print
Printed by: FORUM - Novi Sad
Paper: muflep, 100g
Sheet: 8+1 (3x3)
Perforation: 13 3/4
Face value: 0,70 KM
Quantitiy: 15,000
Motive: fortress in Zvornik
Postal Authority Republika Srpska

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