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Thursday, January 28, 2010

New issues: Morroco - "Flora of Morroco - Rosa Damscena"

La rosa damascena or damask rose stems, as its name indicates, in Syria where it was probably brought to Europe by Robert de Brie on his return from the crusade in 1254. It is a deciduous shrub reaching 2.2 m high. The stems are armed with strong curved spines, implanted in number and accompanied by stiff hairs. The leaves are pinnate and consist of five (rarely seven) leaflets. The Damascus roses are known for their delicate fragrance. They are grown for its therapeutic and cosmetic. Morocco is currently the third largest producer of the flower, after Bulgaria and Turkey.
Tehnical details:
Title of Issue: Flora of Morocco: Rosa Damscena
Size: 30mm x 40mm
Issue date: 14/01/2010
Value: 7,8 Dh
Design: L. Edfouf
Postal Authority Morroco

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