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Friday, January 22, 2010

New issues: Hungary - "Pécs - European Capital of Culture 2010"

Magyar Posta (Hungarian Post) has issued a minisheet, composed of 25 stamps. The event was held at Pécs city becoming the European Capital of Culture 2010. On the stamps, there are pictures of Pécs city.
Images are (from left to right and from top to bottom): Mosque Jakov Hasszán, Hill Kálvária National Theater of Pécs, MTA Headquarters, Barbakán, Synagogue, Statue of Saint Francis of Assisi (Bársonyos György's work), the National Theater of Pécs, the statue of Janus Pannonius (Rétfalvi Sándor's work), Head Prefect, Post Office Palace, Basilica of Pécs, Statue of Holy Trinity, (Kiss György´s work), Mosque Gazi Kászim, Gate of University, pre-Christian cemetery, Cella Septichor, Fountain Zsolnay, Klimó Library, Statue Csontváry (Kerényi Jenő's work), the Zsolnay vase (Sikorski Miklós´s work), the Reformed Church, Ruins of Tettye, Evangelical Church, City Hall Building, Statue Jel (Vasarely Victor´s work). Minisheet edge have been other pictures of Pecs city.

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