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Friday, January 29, 2010

New issues: Japan - "The landscape of the journey Series Vol 7 "

Japan Post Service Co., the first in a series of landscapes and scenery, and subject to such typical tourist spots in Japan as seven bullets, stamps home "The landscape of the travel series 7 Collection "and will issue a stamp book.
7th Collection is designed and dedicated to the Three Views of Japan Matsushima, Miyagi Prefecture and Sendai City. Chosen out of your letter or your travel memories of this stamp, also available as souvenirs.
However, according to the issuing of stamps, and issued a stamp album.
Tehnical details:
Date: 2010 January 29
Number issued: 1,200 million copies each (120 million sheets)
Design: Vista Matsushima/Vista Matsushima, Sendai Castle, Puru Sendai-Ru/Jozenji copy, Sendai Tanabata Festival/Zuiho-den Hall and Rinnoji/Rinnoji
Dimensions: 33.5mm×28.0mm
Color printing: 5 color offset
Sheet configuration: 10 pieces (two pieces next five vertical pieces)
Photo: Keiichi Takita, Nishida Takashi, Shooting Higuti Tetsu, Fumiaki Kanematsu, Kida Norio and Watanabe Katsuhiro
Original sheet margins: Hana Teru (writer paintings)
Design: Fumiaki Kanematsu (stamp designer)
Postal Authority Japan

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