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Thursday, January 14, 2010

New issues: Brazil - "The Corrida de Reis Road Race - Várzea Grande/Cuiabá - Mato Grosso"

Sport bringing people together
This issue highlights the importance of road races in Brazil, especially the traditional Corrida de Reis Road Race, which has been held in Cuiabá, Mato Grosso, ever since 1985, whilst at the same time promoting the special social harmonization experience that this type of sporting event has on the Brazilian community.
The Corrida de Reis Road Race first took place in 1985, and it was organized by the Centro América TV Network. The name of the race pays tribute to the Three Wise Men, the "Reis Magos" (a religious event celebrated on January 6th). During the competition’s early years, there would be around 200 to 300 athletes, the majority coming from Mato Grosso. The ten-kilometer course has changed little since the first event: nowadays it starts from close to the Sérgio Mota Bridge, in Várzea Grande, and ends at Praça das Bandeiras, in Cuiabá. The race is run over a total of five avenues.
As the years have gone by, the Corrida de Reis Road Race has become increasingly better known in the state of Mato Grosso and has gained recognition and a place in the athletics calendar in the Midwestern region and at the national level.
The first race was won by Juarez Sabino and Jorilda Sabino. Jorilda was 14 years old at the time and was called the "Barefoot Cinderella", because she didn’t wear running shoes when racing. Nowadays, Jorilda Sabino, her cousin Nadir Sabino and Viviane Anderson are all four-time winners. In the man’s event, Amauri Ribeiro, from Minas Gerais, and Daniel Lopes have each won on four occasions.
The competitors are split up into amateurs and professionals, with an elite group made up of the athletes with the highest positions in earlier Corrida de Reis Road Races and in other national level events. Since 1997, there have been 100 athletes in this elite group: 70 men and 30 women.
The most recent innovation has been the use of an electronic chip, implanted in the competitors’ running shoes by the team that organizes the São Silvestre Road Race, the Rio de Janeiro Half Marathon and the São Paulo International Half Marathon. This magnetic chip enables all information to be processed more quickly and the athletes’ positions to be determined. The device stores all the competitors’ data and records each runner’s times, and thus prevents fraud.
Before the race was officially recognized by the Brazilian Athletics Confederation (CBAt) in 1997, the Corrida de Reis Road Race record holder was Amauri Ribeiro with a time of 27’11”. The women’s record was held by Viviane Oliveira, who completed the course in 34’28” in 1995. After gaining CBAt recognition, the Corrida de Reis Road Race record holders are for men, Valdenor Pereira dos Santos with a time of 29’29”, and for women, Maria Zeferina Baldaia, with 34’15” (both achieved in 2002).
The event’s main attractions are its organization and the prizes, which are amongst the highest in Brazil. The first three in each of the 20 age bands (ten for men and ten for women) also receive medals.
The Corrida de Reis Road Race, from Várzea Grande to Cuiabá, in Mato Grosso, is the most important road race in the Midwest, bringing together national and international level athletes. The participation of runners from a number of Brazilian states has raised the technical level of the competition and the number of competitors has continues to grow.
Tehnical details:
Artist: Silvania Branco
Print system: Offset
Sheet size: 24 stamps
Paper: Gummed chalky paper without phosphorescence
Face Value: R$ 0,70
Issue: 300.000 stamps
Design area: 54mm x 20mm
Stamp dimensions: 59mm x 25mm
Perforation: 11,5 x 12
Date of issue: January 10th, 2010
Place of issue: Cuiabá and Várzea Grande/MT
Printing: Brazilian Mint
Postal Authority Brazil

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