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Thursday, January 14, 2010

New issue - American Pfilatelist

In those days came, the first issue of this year, the American Philatelist magazine, published by the American Philatelic Society. Here, a few titles of content:
- Collecting Coast to Coast - Wayne Youngblood Event Covers Are Cheap Fun! - Usually intended as fund-raisers or souvenirs, special event covers
- A Postal History of Ukrainian Ceramics by Andrij D. Solczanyk
The rich and colorful history of Ukrainian ceramics lives on in stamp designs.
- Found - An Unsuspected Connection! by Nan H. Burby
Serendipitous philatelic purchases can tell a story beyond what the collector expects to find.
- Equibank Pittsburgh ATM Sheetlets: A New Development by Jim Noll and Frank Norulak Equibank holds a unique, pioneering place in postal history.
- Semiotics and Stamps by Jack Child
Using Argentine postal issues to demonstrate how linguistics can help us understand our stamps.
- "Muskoka" - A Gem of a Postcard by Charles A. Fricke
Sometimes it doesn’t matter if the item doesn’t match the auction catalogue description.
- Inside the NPM - Allen Kane
William H. Gross Stamp Gallery To Open
The new gallery will add 12,000 square feet of space to the museum, providing room for numerous activities.
- Worldwide in a Nutshell - Bob Lamb
Macedonia - This mountainous, landlocked country in the south central Balkans, long associated with Alexander the Great, issued its first postage stamp in 1992.
Magazine can be read/downloaded here American Philatelist.

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