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Friday, January 22, 2010

New issues: Japan - "Keroro Gunso"

Stamps series "The 12 Collection"
Japan Post Holdings Co., in 2005 began the series, and has been subject to a number of popular anime "anime series・Heroine Hero" the 12th album, "Keroro" will be issued. Mine Yoshizaki based on the original manga the 2004 animated TV in April, still attract broad support from young and old SF comedy works. Works has become an annual theater in 2010 and the fifth movie. Musicals still, games and novels, is popular in various media. Keroro tinker alien invaders came to the earth, but gets caught in the house for lunch on Fuyuki and Natsumi Hinata tried to rock. Proceed secretly planned invasion of Earth has failed to live as a hanger-Keroro Hinata house is, he would enjoy living in the earth with the aggression aside their personal friends too .
Sun to invade the earth is who's surprisingly Keroro!
Tehnical details:
Name: Stamps series "The 12 Collection" - "Keroro Gunso"
Date: January 22, 2010 (Fri)
Type: 80 yen postage stamp
Configuration design sheet
Seat configuration
1 Keroro Gunso (sergeant)
2 Hyuuga Huyuki (Fuyuki Hinata)
3 Natsumi Hinata (Hinata Natsumi)
4 Corporal GIRORO (accent)
5 Private Nitohei (they to second class)
6 Momoka Nishizawa (Zawamomoka to)
7 Sabouraud
8 Sergeant Major Kururu (sergeant)
9 Sergeant Pedro Pablo (lance corporal)
10 Azumaya Koyuki (Koyuki arbor)
Dimensions: 28.05mm 33.5mm × vertical side 28.05mm
Dimension sheet: 140.25mm 140.25mm Vertical Horizontal 212.5mm
Color printing: Six color offset
Issue number: 1,300 pieces worldwide (130 million sheets)
Sales location: And branch post offices and postal services across the country, Inc.
Postal Authority Japan

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