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Sunday, January 17, 2010

In those days came no 5 of the philatelic journal - The publication contains a series of philatelic articles and studies, written in Romanian and English, of fields: history of philately, postal history, thematic philately and history of maximaphily. The body magazine appears supplement "Romanian Stamps - 2009, quarter IV" and "Romanian Postal Statinoaries - 2009".
The news of sensation is "The Story of Mauritius in Romania".
Magazine editor, Dan N. Dobrescu, noted: The BUCHAREST 2009 - BUCHAREST 550 YEARS philatelic saloon, National Philatelic Exhibition, offers us the opportunity to review the manner in which the judging is realized at this level, misrepresenting the values scale. A jury which had three out of four of the Romanian jurors attested by FIP, led by Mr. Emanoil Săvoiu, offered a waterfall of Gold prizes. Again, the Honor president of FFR offered only to some participants lollipops for his absolution. Be received! to more click here
Other titles:
- Foreign Military Posts in Romania (XX Cen.), by Dr. Dan GRECU
- Postage due cachets, by László KÁLLAI
- Romanian Post to Transnistria, 1941-1944, by Călin MARINESCU
- The @ symbol was under all of the electronic forms, by Dan N. DOBRESCU
- Heroes of cybernetics - Stephen Odobleja, by Wobbe VEGTER
- European dynasties (I), by Barrister Leo IANCOVICI, Gold medal at Maximaphily
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Minimum charge € 4.00. Six times for the price of five. Twelve times for the price of nine. Send text to László KÁLLAI, and payment to Coriolan CHIRICHEȘ, email: To order the magazine please send email to:

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