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Thursday, January 28, 2010

New issues: Morroco - "Flora of Morroco - Orange blossom"

Orange blossom growing on sour orange which is a shrub of the family Rutaceae (citrus). The sour orange tree is a 5 to 10 meters in continuous bloom, leaves oval and shiny, with a prickly thorn in the axils of lower leaves. Very fragrant and a white or pink, orange blossom is used to make water of orange blossom and neroli oil used in perfumery and to flavor foods. The tree "orange blossom" was widespread in early Christian era in India and was introduced into Palestine by the Arab caravans, and thence imported into Europe by the Crusaders in the twelfth century. The Moors cultivated extensively near Seville in Spain, and the name stuck to him.
Tehnical details:
Title of Issue: Flora of Morocco:
Orange blossom
Size: 30mm x 40mm
Issue date: 14/01/2010
Value: 10.4 Dh
Design: M. Waguaf
Postal Authority Morroco

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