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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New issues: Greenland - "Air Greenland 50th anniversary"

Grønlandsfly, (Air Greenland) as the company was previously called, was created against a tragic background, namely the sinking of the ship Hans Hedtoft south of Cape Farewell in 1959. It became evident that an ice recognisance service was necessary to avoid further clashes with giant icebergs. During the 1960s Grønlandsfly, (Air Greenland) established the world’s largest civilian helicopter service but it was an expensive solution and, in the late 1970s and 1980s, the Dash 7 airplanes were introduced as more airports were constructed in Greenland. Later, the Atlantic routes followed and, together with TELE-POST Greenland, the company has been the backbone of the modernisation of the Greenlandic society.
Air Greenland is now facing new challenges because of new competitors but, fortunately, the company is also facing huge opportunities because of the ever-increasing mineral exploration in Greenland and a greater interest from tourists.
Tehnical details:
Value: DKK 16.50
Date of issue: 18th January 2010
40 stamps per sheet
Size: F - Vertical
Artist: Ina Rosing
Outer measurements:
33.44mm x 28.84mm
Typography: Dorit Olsen
Printing method: Offset
Paper: Sopal
Postal Authority Greenland

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