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Monday, January 25, 2010

New issues: Japan - "Greeting Spring"

Japan Post Service Co. is available to you in your letter for Valentine's Day and spring, greeting stamps "Spring Greetings" will be issued. So far, "Winter Greetings" is has been issued, "spring greeting stamps" will be issued for the first time.
Tehnical details:
Name: Greeting Spring - Chocolate and Flower
Date of issue: January 25, 2010
(1) Watering of green
(2) Fairy country's postal and
(3) Flower Basket
(4) Bird flight
(5) Flower choir
(1) Spring Bouquets
(2) Lady of the Flute
(3) Bouquet of sky
(4) Clef
(5) Rabbit Hill
Dimension sheet: 67.5mm×187.0mm 67.5mm
Color printing: Six color offset
Issue number: 500 million copies each (each sheet 100 million)

Postal Authority Japan

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