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Saturday, January 2, 2010


L-Mail, Lmail or "letter mail" is a method of sending a real physical letter via a web page.
An L-Mail system typically enables individuals and companies to send mail internationally directly from their computers, requiring only Internet access and a browser. In a first step, the user defines the letter format and then composes the text. Subsequently, the data is transmitted via a network to a printing centre chosen by the user, preferably in the vicinity of the addressee, where the letter is printed, put in an envelope and fed into the postal system.
Because letters are posted locally to the recipient, a faster speed of delivery can be achieved than by traditional air mail. With local postage being paid, costs can also be less than an equivalent air mail letter.
The differences between term letter mail and letter e-mail might be slightly confusing. L-mail, or letter mail is designed on a web page and delivered to the recipient as a real letter. Letter e-mail on the other hand is written and composed as a real letter and is delivered as e-mail.

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