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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New issues: Macao - "Year of the Tiger"

The Post Office will launch the third commemorative stamp of the third cycle of the series of Lunar Cycle on 2 January 2010 under the theme "Year of the Tiger". The design of this third issue is the continuity of previous issues of the Lunar Year of the Rat and the Ox, whose design was based on the Five Elements (Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth), and the representations of animals of the zodiac corresponding this time the Tigers. Given that this "Year of the Tiger" attribute from among the "Five Elements" is the "Tiger of Metal", this will be the main focus of the five new stamps. The seal of the "Tiger of Metal" is specially printed with imprinting technique, especially the way the tiger daring as the design of the seal of clouds, values and words are printed on holographic plate and gilding.
Apart from these philatelic products will be launched also two other philatelic products under the theme of the Lunar Cycle. This portfolio contains five postage stamps of the current issue a souvenir sheet, an envelope, FDC with stamps and FDC with block. Special offer box containing a teapot in the form of "Tigre" and the book of stamps relating to this issue with five stamps.
The design of this commemorative stamp is the design of the designer Mr. Wilson Chi Ian Lam, and the text of the prayer-card is written by Mr Lawrence Law
This is the 1st issue of 2010.
Postal Authority Macao

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