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Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010. A new year. A new blog. A new project.

2010. A new year. A new blog. A new project. A new concept with new content. A blog which will change from a local, in a general. Thus, a blog written in Romanian - Online Journal for stamp collectors - is transformed into a general blog - Philatelic News. A blog that will publish philatelic issue worldwide, in real time. So I look to the public as much information about events worldwide philatelic - exhibitions, publications, books, appearances on the web, articles published in the press, etc. In this sense, our project will keep you informed about new issues of stamps from 180 UPU member countries. Similarly, we publish news useful for collectors of stamps - postal regulations, changes of rates, communications delivered by the UPU and other information.
Here you will find, also, a list of links of postal administrations, philatelic federations in all countries of the world, organizations that philatelists.
Our project will include implementation of a dictionary of philatelic terminology. This project is expected to be completed in six months.
Finally: all proposals and inquiries are welcome.

- about the motto chosen by the
Philatelic News - "The king of hobbies and the hobby of Kings" - in few words. Some believe that these words were spoken by a king, others believe it was uttered by the great philatelist Charles James Phillips. He also wrote, in 1936, a book entitled For the ordinary stamp collector Stamp Collecting: The King of Hobbies and the Hobby of Kings, a book he is most probably remembered for.
I do not know with certainty who uttered those words. Instead we all know that the last three kings of England were keen collectors as also the present Queen. In the United States, former President Franklin Roosevelt was a stalwart in philately and ex-President Ford was a secret stamp collector. Over the years, Kings, Queens, Politicians, poor, rich, business persons, Accountants, movie stars, scientists and many others in different field have pursued this hobby with keen interest. In short children, young, old and everyone is involved in this hobby irrespective of their age or positions.
So we know that FIP has promoted the hobby that is sometimes called "The King of Hobbies and the Hobby of Kings".
According to statistics, nowadays, there are 130 one million stamp collectors all over the world.

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