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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Illegal postage stamps issued in the name of the Republic of Rwanda

Berne, 16 November 2009
International Bureau Circular 252
Rwanda (Rep.) - Illegal postage stamp issues

Dear Sir/Madam,

The designated operator of RWANDA (REP.), Office national des postes Iposita Rwanda, wishes to inform the designated operators of Union member countries of the existence of several illegal postage stamps issued in the name of the Republic of Rwanda.
The illegal issues in question are:
- John Paul II (2003)
- Adamite, 650 FRW (2009)
- Prehnite, 650 FRW (2009)
The Republic of Rwanda denounces and condemns such practices and recalls that illegal issues are detrimental not only to the reputation of the Rwandan Post, but also to that of philatelic services in general. Furthermore, such issues are a flagrant violation of its national legislation on the production of postage stamps and of article 8 of the Universal Postal Convention and recommendation C 26/2008 of the Congress held in Geneva.
In this connection, we are counting on the initiatives taken by the Universal Postal Union and its bodies with a view to eradicating this phenomenon. We are also counting on the solidarity of other designated operators, who we would ask to take the necessary measures to help us identify the perpetrators of these acts and bring them to justice. Finally, we are counting on our philatelic partners, who have always taken a keen interest in Rwanda's stamps and who continue to observe the regulations governing the circulation of philatelic products. We ask them to contact postal operators whenever necessary to alert them of possible irregularities in stamp issues.
The designated operator of Rwanda (Rep.) also wishes to inform these Union member partners that Rwanda (Rep.) did not issue any postage stamps in 2000 and 2001 and that the last stamp issue, on the theme of "The fight against AIDS among children", dates back to 21 November 2003. All issues bearing a later date are illegal and should be treated as such.
Yours faithfully,
K.J.S. McKeown
Director of Markets Development

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