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Friday, January 8, 2010

New issues: Germany - "200 years Museum of Natural History Berlin"

The Museum of Natural History Berlin is one of the world's largest and most important museums of its kind. Spectacular attraction of the house is 14 meters high in the world's largest dinosaur skeleton (see stamp). More than half a million visitors a year walk through the exhibits, which focus the history of the earth and of life, the diversity of life and meteorite research.
Many scientists are using the approximately 30 million collection items zoological, palaeontological and mineralogical nature of their research. The focus of the permanent exhibition "Evolution in Action" naturalistic originals, including a world famous fossil of the early bird "Archeopteryx lithographica" stand - one of the most important fossils in the world.
Technical Details:
Design: Disciple + Michel, Berlin
Theme: Biodiversity wall and dinosaur skeleton "Brachiosaurus brancai"
Value: 0.45 euros
Size: 44.20 x 26.20 mm
Date of issue: 02 January 2010
Postal Authority Germany

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