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Saturday, January 9, 2010

New issues: Germany - "A. d. 1100 years Limburg Lahn"

2010 marks the 1100th Time the first written mention of Limburg an der Lahn.
Count Konrad Kurzbold had established in his castle above the Lahn a pen. He received from King Louis IV on 10 February 910 lands and rights for a planned Basilica at the nearby mountain Lintburk. Due to the convenient location of the stylus on a Lahnübergang the road from Cologne to Frankfurt one of the locations"Limburg" to a thriving commercial and industrial city. At least since the mid-12th Century, there was a wooden, from 1315 a stone bridge.
The stamp shows a painted cityscape by George Clarkson Stanfield (1828-1878) from 1867.
Technical Details:
Design: Susanne Osterlee, Wuppertal
Image: detail from the painting "Limburg an der Lahn," by George Clarkson jam Field, 1867
Value: 1.45 euros
Size: 44.20 x 26.20 mm
Date of issue: 02 January 2010
Postal Authority Germany

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