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Saturday, January 9, 2010

New issues: Germany - "European Capital of Culture RUHR.2010"

After London and Paris, the Ruhr region with 53 cities and 5.3 million inhabitants the third largest conurbation in Europe. 2010, the Ruhr region bears the title "Cultural Capital of Europe." During this time, apply in the context of RUHR.2010 place in the cities in the Ruhr, and Lippe Emscher total of approximately 2,500 cultural events.
The program of RUHR.2010 is dedicated to the contrasts and the people with their cultures and visions. There is a voltage range from art exhibitions and street art, between theater and creative industries, between the Opera and industrial culture. Pretty and ugly, and stars local pub cuisine, comedy and concert hall here are very close together - many opportunities to learn new and surprising.
Technical Details:
Design: Stefan Klein and Olaf Neumann, Iserlohn
Motive: lettering "Ruhr 2010"
Value: 0.55 Euro
Size: 44.20 x 26.20 mm
Date of issue: 02 January 2010
Postal Authority Germany

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